Thursday, 18 April 2013

Laser Hair Removal Special at The Enchanted Day Spa

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I just found out about this amazing deal .... only available at The Enchanted Day Spa

Introduce yourself to laser hair removal hair removal @ a massive 80% saving.
Only two more days to get the deal, so do't miss out.

What is Laser Hair Removal?
Non-invasive lasers penetrate deep into the skin layer which holds the hair follicle, effectively halting the follicles hair growth. Upto 8 sessions may be needed for permanent hair removal.

Small Area: Eyebrows / Upper lip
Medium Area: Underarm / half-bikini
Large area: Half-arm, half-leg or full bikini

Choose between these options:-
Pay R420 for four laser hair removal sessions for a small area valued at R1400
Pay R500 for four laser hair removal sessions for a medium area valued at R2000
Pay R1200 for four laser hair removal sessions for a large area valued at R6000

View the deal at the link below:-
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