Monday, 15 April 2013

Enchanted Day Spa Pamper Experience

I want to share with you, my amazing pamper experience at The Enchanted Day Spa....

A Full Body Pampering Spa Treatment, exclusive to The Enchanted Day Spa

A Malabar Spice Scrub from the North-eastern islands of Asia .....
An amazing experience to get your skin feeling smooth, silky and luxurious.

Followed by the ultimately relaxing and soothing deep tissue massage, ever.


Leave feeling totally relaxed, centred and glowing from Head to  Toe!

With new specials every week, contact Igesh Mallaya:-
Cell: 0827880940
BB Pin: 21b7d252
Add: 313 Cowey Road, Morningside
Spa Hours: Monday to Friday ... 9am to 5pm / Saturday to Sunday ... 9am to 3pm

See u there!


  1. Day spas have always been a very popular part of many women's beauty regime, and now the new rage is couples day spa programs.

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  2. A day of pampering yourself and enjoying pure relaxation always sound appealing and amazing. I'm glad to hear that you find yours a very wonderful one. Giving our body its much-needed rest and luxurious treatment is a must. It's a nice treat that everyone should gift themselves with. I hope you'd do this often!
    Lilia @ LaFleur de Beaute