Friday, 5 July 2013

Belinda Adinall .... Tips

Beauty Tip: A drop of lavender oil on a pimple will clean it and clear it up faster ;
Dead Sea Bath salts, relax, revitalise and restores


Make-up must have: Natural - Just Picked;
Lip balm


Belinda Addinall
0760355228, pin:27E2A476,


  1. Hi. I would not want to have anything to do with Belinda Addinall, esp on my web page. She is a crook, liar and con artist who steals innocent peoples money for a living. She is apathetic human being who will be behind bars very soon. I have the SAPS case numbers to prove this. You can contact me on 0844780048 to confirm

    1. Do you have anymore info regarding Belinda Addinall, looks like she has scammed us too..

  2. Mr Naidoo was refunded in full and asked to remove the comment as it is harassment and deformation of character.
    feel free to contact 0729059652

  3. If its the truth it's not defamatory