Saturday, 9 May 2015

Mother's Day

"My mother is special every single day.
So I spoil her, celebrate her and make her smile as often as I can.
Not just ONE day in the year!"
- Mufthi Menk

Sad to say some kids of today, fail to acknowledge a mother or a parent not just on Mother's Day.
Pointing out that, we need our parents duas in this life and the hereafter falls on deaf ears.
Reminding them of the time and care our parents gave us in their lifetime always trying to ease our distress in trying times serves as no reminder to them to even greet and make time for their parents on a daily basis.
Yet they prostate to Allah 5 times a day!
How do they expect their duas to be accepted when their parents cry tears of yearning to see their child.

Years back, I happened to visit ABH in Chatsworth and was shocked to hear of children that left their parents in their care. Let alone visiting their parents on a regular basis, the children didn't even turn up to collect their parents bodies or even do the last rites.

Today, those stories remain fresh in my head and ever so often I hear of more stories of parents being shunned by their children, parents being embezzled by their children, parents being let down in their children in their time of desperate need.

Money and status can push any story under the carpet and on the day of the funeral the children go all out to portray the perfect doting child with the red eyes, stream of permanent tears, fainting acts etc.
At the end of the day you can fool the entire world but remember Allah Ta'ala is never fooled. Allah Ta'ala knows all. In His court there will be only be the truth and nothing but the truth! ‎

‎Shireen M

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