Friday, 8 May 2015

Family lunches

They say you only appreciate what you had after you've lost it.

Of all family traditions, the one I always reflect on is Jummah lunch when my late dad was alive.
Even though I saw my dad every day and we often had meals together, Jummah lunch was always special. We'd always argue over the menu ... I preferred Biryani and he preferred Dholl and rice so we agreed to alternate ... lol

Unfortunately once the head of the family passes on and the others are too weak to step into his shoes, family traditions become burdensome and somehow get lost in the power struggle that the family becomes involved in.

Anyways, The Address continues in-keeping some traditions alive so if your Jummah day doesnt allow you enough time to prepare that sumptuous biryani visit The Address for Jummah lunch.
The offer a spread consisting of Biryani, Dholl & Rice, Aloo Fry, even masala fish together with salads, Dhahi, papad etc. And for only R70pp you can afford to just turn-up with the entire family and enjoy a sumptuous meal with the family minus the hassle of the preps for lunch and minus the fight over meal preferences. And if that isn't enough to wet your appetite, then you are welcome to order from their regular menu which is totally amazing.

The Address, is conveniently situated at 101 Innes Road, Morningside. So see you there!

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