Sunday, 17 May 2015

Say No!

I've  just completed the Princess series of books by Jean Sasson and although the earlier books i've read before it was still heart wrenching.

Although the books cover the struggles of the muslim women in Saudi Arabia, many of us in the western world can still identify with the core issues as muslim women all over the world, face many of them.

Although we assume in the western world there is no oppression of muslim women, this is untrue. Muslim women are being oppressed even in the western world.
Oppressed by spouses.
Oppressed by families.
Oppressed by parents.

And if Princess Sultana can have the courage to speak out from a country where she could face immediate death for she would be seen as a betrayer of her country, why do we hide? ‎
We need to speak out!
We need to stand together!
And we need to say NO to abuse and oppression!

Shireen Mansoor‎

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